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Royal Challenge Whisky


Royal Challenge, abbreviated as RC, is a whisky brand in India manufactured by United Spirits Ltd. The brand was initially created by Shaw and Wallace, and is now owned by Diageo through United Breweries Ltd.

The brand was first introduced in India in the early 1980s and is one of the popular whisky brands that are manufactured in India. It is produced through a combination of Indian grain spirits, scotch malts and a neutral grain spirit derived from molasses.

Royal Challenge is a grain-based whisky blended with Scotch malts, Indian malts and neutral grain spirits. The brand was initially launched by Shaw Wallace in India in the early 1980s, and is currently owned by Diageo subsidiary, United Spirits Limited.

It was once the market leader in the premium whisky segment during the 1980s and 1990s, following which the entry of other premium whisky brands in India such as Royal Stag and Blenders Pride brought about a change in the dynamics of the premium whisky segment.

The alcohol strength carried by Royal Challenge is 42.8% ABV, the permissible levels of alcohol for whiskies in India.

The brand was officially introduced to the United States in 2012 by the American United Beer & Spirits at the Wine and Spirits Wholesales of America Conference.

Royal Challenge lays the claim to being the first brand to cross the threshold of 1 million cases in the mid-prestige price segment, and that over 4.5 million cases of the whisky are sold annually.

Royal Challenge has won awards at the following competitions and reviews:

Bronze Medal at the International Spirits Challenge, UK.

Awarded a Gold by Reader’s Digest.

Awarded Two Stars by the International Taste and Quality Institute.

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Royal Challenge Whisky Tasting Notes


An amazingly smooth whisky, the secret of its velvet-like texture lies in the use of leisurely matured malt and grain spirit.


The finishing gets long, smooth, deep and yet so delicate.


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