Red Knight Whisky

Red Knight Whisky


Red Knight is a brand of Indian Blended Malt Scotch whisky, manufactured by the Indian conglomerate Khoday India Limited (KIL) and first launched in 1967. It is produced at the company's Bangalore facility. It is famous for its hourglass-shaped bottled along with the phrase "Red Knight finest blended malt whisky" stamped into the package in bold curved style. Initially, Red Knight was available only in North India. It was launched in the South Indian market in November 2007. Red Knight is also exported to overseas markets of Italy and Canada.

The success of Red Knight whisky in North India is mainly because of the introduction of a smoother taste and new captivating packaging. The whisky has been blended afresh, keeping in mind the connoisseur’s taste. This vibrant packaging is also priced just perfect for the discerning whisky lover. The introduction of the new Red Knight whisky marks a turning point in the growth of the IMFL market. The enhanced taste and pricing make it a popular one certainly.

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Red Knight Whisky Tasting Notes


The nose is fruity and well malted Whisky with gentle sweetness. Some smoke and a touch of honey


The finish is well fruited with toffee, malt and a faint hint of smoke.


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