Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky
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Rampur Indian Single Malt Whisky


Rampur Indian single malt whisky is distilled in India’s oldest distillery in traditional copper pot stills. Rampur whisky is one of the whisky brands in india that has been distilled since 1943 spanning across almost 8 decades. The climatic conditions found in the Indian Himalayas are perfect for the production of Rampur single malt, with the summer season providing an added dimension and depth.

Rampur single malt is a non-chill filtered whisky that’s aged in the foothills of the Himalayas. Indian whiskies are known to mature faster than their European counterparts due to the nation’s climate.

Rampur whisky has a unique, smooth and mellow taste with a pleasant, lingering finish. This handcrafted whisky has made its way from India to the shelves of liquor stores in Las Vegas. Here are some characteristics of Rampur Indian single malt.

Rampur Single Malt Tasting Notes

Aroma and Nose

Prominent fruity top note with toffee in the background; honey, floral, dried fruits and traces of balanced spices.


Overall balanced taste with creamy vanilla and malt. Traces of fruits like apple and apricot with sweet and winey taste.

Appearance & Finish

Rich and long finish ideal for the taste buds; the colour of Rampur single malt is golden amber.

Rampur whisky is available across more than a dozen nations including UK, Germany, Canada, USA, Ghana, Hong Kong, New Zealand, UAE, etc. It’s expected to be available in several EU markets in the foreseeable future. The origins of this whisky can be traced to a small district in western Uttar Pradesh called Rampur; hence the name of this brand. The company that produces Rampur whisky is called Radico Khaitan Ltd.

Radico Khaitan insist that their motto is, “quality over quantity” and this is confirmed by the fact that despite having malts aging for over quarter of a century, the brand never rushed into releasing its offerings.



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