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Rabbit Hole Bourbon


Rabbit Hole is a brand of straight bourbon whiskey from Louisville, Kentucky. It was established in 2012, and happens to be one of the America’s newest Bourbon whiskey brands.

Despite the brand being a newcomer in the market, Rabbit Hole has managed to carve up a phenomenal positive noise and glowing reviews among Bourbon whiskey enthusiasts. The whiskey has been praised for its unique flavours and smoothness and has already won a few awards to announce its arrival on the Bourbon whiskey scene.


The Rabbit Hole brand was established by Kaveh Zamanian in 2012 after his initial experiences with Bourbon whiskey ended up fascinating him beyond indulging simply as a recreational drinker.

Zamanian built a distillery in Louisville, Kentucky with a clear resolve and intent to revolutionize the Bourbon whiskey industry by going back to the old ways, laying an immaculate emphasis on a qualitative output, not a quantitative one.

With that ambition in mind, the Rabbit Hole Distillery was built in what many consider the Bourbon capital of the world. A great number of distilleries call Louisville home owing to the city’s abundance of natural resources required for the distillation of whiskey, and the climate which is ideal for an adequate maturation process of the whiskey.

Founder Kaveh Zamanian put in a tremendous amount of effort towards developing a mash recipe that was unlike any other. The Rabbit Hole distillery has already commissioned and will soon be distilling their whiskey using a brand new custom made 24-inch Copper Column Still. This Copper still will be crafted by Vendome Copper & Brass Works, one of the world’s most revered still makers.

All aspects of Rabbit Hole bourbon resonate with the pursuit of perfection with their impeccable Oak barrels being produced by the experts at Kelvin Cooperage, famed barrel makers of the world and a family run organization since 1963.

Alongside the straight Bourbon whiskey, Rabbit Hole distillery also produces a Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Sherry Finished Straight Bourbon whiskey and Kentucky Barrel Finished London Dry Gin.

Making Process

Like all Bourbon whiskey brands, Rabbit Hole too is distilled from a predominantly Corn-based mash although founder Kaveh Zamanian’s meticulous development of a truly unique mash bill is what makes this whiskey breath taking.

With no amount of Rye used in the mash, Rabbit Hole contains four different types of grain. The mash bill is comprised of 70% Corn, 10% malted Wheat, 10% honey malted Barley and 10% malted Barley which gives this straight Bourbon whiskey its mesmerizing flavour and finish.

As a Straight Bourbon whiskey, Rabbit Hole is aged for at least 2 years, aged in brand new, charred Oak barrels.

The complex balance of ingredients for Rabbit Hole, and a fully optimized modern distillery that produces whiskey based on the fundamental principles that the process is as much art, as it is science are what make it one of the fastest growing straight Bourbon brand in the country.

Louisville, Kentucky has a distinct and well-suited climate for the maturation of whiskey with the hot summers and cold winters gracefully collaborating to interact fully with the Oak barrels that hold the spirit within.

Alcohol Percentage

The Rabbit Hole Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey carries an alcohol strength of 47.5% ABV (95 US Proof), which is higher than the standard permissible limit of 40% ABV for Bourbon whiskeys in the United States of America.


Double Gold at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition in 2017.

Best Straight Bourbon title at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition in 2017.


Rabbit Hole Bourbon Tasting Notes


Rich, sweet and fruity aromas with notes of orange, and nuts.


Warm, with a fruity aftertaste and subtle hints of spice and honey.


Creamy and smooth, with some amount of sweetness. Generous flavours of oranges, honey and cereal.


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