Queen Anne Scotch

Queen Anne Scotch


A bottling of Queen Anne blended whisky from the 1980s, first produced in the 1880s and now increasingly hard to find. Queen Anne blended scotch whisky was first produced in 1884 by Hill Thomson & Co Ltd. Named after Queen Anne of Great Britain and Ireland, who was in power in 1707 when England and Scotland were united as a single sovereign state. This bottle of Queen Anne Blended Scotch Whisky is a collector's item from the 1970s.


Queen Anne Scotch Tasting Notes


Despite the fact that this Queen Anne was bottled at least 30 years ago, it's unmistakably a young spirit. Lots of Grain, a bit of Malt, Dried Apricots, Nut-Casks, Brown Sugar, Buttered Toast, Citrus Peel and Oak. Some Fruit like Pear and Peach and hints of Honey, Straw and light Peat. Nothing to write home about but not bad either.


Middle-Long and Bitter-Sweet with Brown Sugar, Honey, Oak, Licorice and Pepper.


Deep Gold/Copper


Bitter-Sweet with Grain (Alcohol), Brown Sugar, Honey, Pepper, Licorice, Aniseed, Green Wood, Vanilla and light Peat


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