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Powers Whiskey


No other whiskey tastes like Powers Irish Whiskey because no other whiskey is made like it. A blend of triple distilled pot still & grain whiskeys, this is the story of how our truly unique distillation process delivers a complex, rich and layered taste that is ours and ours alone.

Powers is made at the famous Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork. Like all of our whiskeys, we begin with the careful and considered selection of the finest ingredients.

The creation of the pot still side of our whiskey begins by malting barley, then drying it in enclosed kilns so as to not impart any smokey flavor - unlike many other whiskies.

This malted barley is then combined with unmalted barley and finely milled. This combination is mixed with water and our exclusively cultivated brewing yeast, creating a mash indigenous to Irish Whiskey.

During fermentation the starches of the combined barleys are converted to alcohol. The ‘wash’ that is produced is then triple distilled and carefully maturated to ultimately become pot still whiskey.




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