Peter Scot Whisky (Indian)

Peter Scot Whisky (Indian)


Peter Scot is an Indian blended whisky manufactured by Khoday India Limited. It is one of the oldest Indian whisky brands currently available in the market having been launched over five decades ago.

Contrary to the name, the Peter Scot brand of whisky is wholly Indian, and has nothing to do with Scotch whisky itself.

History of Peter Scot Whisky

Khoday India Limited, the company behind the Peter Scot brand of whiskies, was established as a silk manufacturer in 1906. It is headquartered in Anjanapura, Bangalore, and eventually moved into the distillery business in 1965.

Soon after, Khoday India launched the Red Knight whisky brand in 1967, followed by Peter Scot whisky in 1968. The company registered the trademark for the Peter Scot brand name in 1974.

The company has been embroiled in numerous trademark battles due to their name allegedly sounding similar to ‘Scotch’, misleading buyers with regards to its origins and quality. Most famously, The Scotch Whisky Association and Khoday India Limited were embroiled in numerous legal battles. Ultimately, the judgement delivered by the Supreme Court of India in 2008 was in favour of Khoday India Limited, allowing them to keep the trademark.

Today, the Peter Scot brand of whiskies are available all across India and is also being exported to Italy since 2007.

Making Process

Like most Indian whisky blends, Peter Scot is a combination of imported Scotch malts and Indian grain whiskies and neutral spirits. The exact nature of the Peter Scot blend has not been revealed by Khoday India Limited.

Alcohol Percentage

Peter Scot blended Indian whisky carries an alcohol strength of 42.8% ABV, the standard limit for whisky and other spirits bottled and manufactured in India.

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