Paul John Kanya Whisky

Paul John Kanya Whisky


Paul John Kanya is a flavorsome Indian single malt whisky. It was awarded the Best Asian Whisky in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2018. Paul John Kanya is an unpeated expression that has been aged in first-fill American white oak casks and bottled at 50% ABV. Only 1,500 bottles of Paul John Kanya Whisky were produced.

History of Paul John Kanya Whisky

An infant in whisky years, Paul John whisky, was launched in London in 2012 by John Distilleries. Founded in 1992, the Indian liquor brand is known for wine, brandy and whisky. Launched first in the United Kingdom, Paul John Single Malt whisky was appreciated by whisky lovers in Europe.

Apart from Europe, Paul John Single Malt whisky is also available in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. The company eventually plans to expand its supply to other countries and make the brand available in all European markets.

Making Process of Paul John Kanya Whisky

Paul John Kanya Whisky has hints of honeyed fruitiness and a soft tinge of spice. Matured for 7 years in American white oak casks, Paul John Kanya Whisky offers delectable aromas of citrusy spice and tropical fruit. The palate is creamy with butterscotch sweetness. Its finish of toasted oak with warm wafts of spice has just the slightest hint of salt.

Alcohol Percentage of Paul John Kanya Whisky

The Paul John Kanya Whisky has alcohol by volume of 50%, which is slightly higher than your average Indian whisky brand.

Paul John Kanya Whisky Price

In India, the price of Paul John Kanya Whisky varies from state to state due to the difference in taxation and excise laws. However, Paul John Kanya Whisky is a super-premium whisky priced at over ₹15000, although the price may exceed in some territories. To know the exact Paul John Whisky price in your area, refer to the monthly liquor price list released by your state or union territory.

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