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Old Tavern Whisky


Old Tavern is a brand of Indian whisky, part of the Diageo LLC owned United Spirits Ltd inventory. It is a blended whisky belonging to the economical segment of the Indian whisky market.

It was one of the highest selling Indian whisky brands in the Northern regions of the country such as the states of Uttar Pradesh and the now dry-state of Bihar.

Source : https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/cons-products/liquor/old-tavern-tops-sales-charts-gives-usl-a-new-high/articleshow/4646499.cms


Making Process

Like all Indian whiskies, Old Tavern is a blend of Scotch malts, grain whiskies and neutral spirits. Typically, whiskies from United Spirits have been known to have a considerably higher proportion of neutral spirits, and lower percentage of Scotch malts, which is also the case with Old Tavern.

In order to achieve a smooth, yet economical product, this practice has been found to be feasible by many brands in the aforementioned segment of Indian whisky brands.

Alcohol Percentage

Like all Indian whiskies, Old Tavern carries an alcohol strength of 42.8% ABV which is the standard limit for spirit based drinks in the country.


The Old Tavern brand of whiskies have not own any awards or medals at whisky tasting competitions.



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