Old Parr Scotch
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Old Parr Scotch


"Old Parr, a name, a presentation and quality that represent the values of prestige and tradition that last through the centuries. The richness of the mixture of Old Parr masterfully harmonize comes from the best malt whiskeys, more than 40, including Cragganmore plays a key role by giving its undeniable softness and depth.

Its components are of the highest purity and unique quality: grains rich malt, aromatic peat, and pure spring water, as well as carefully selected barrels of aging, which enrich its flavor and color. Finally, it is the turn of the mixer teacher who with his secret wisdom and experience select individual whiskeys to achieve the exquisite flavor and aroma of the unmistakable mixture of Old Parr.

The distinctive presentation, square glass bottle dark amber color, is recognized internationally as a symbol of quality and good taste."



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