Old Overholt Bourbon
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Old Overholt Bourbon


Old Overholt has been around for quite a long time and it has a very storied history that starts back in the early 1800’s. Back then, in ye olden times, Old Overholt was being made in Pennsylvania, where a lot of rye whiskey was made at the time, but is now owned and made by Jim Beam in Kentucky. For the last 200+ years Old Overholt has been loved, parodied, used as “medicinal” alcohol by the Navy, was supposedly the favorite whiskey Mr. Doc Holliday and until the recent whiskey and cocktail renaissance was often the only rye you could find.This warm and spicy concoction of at least 51% rye (along with some corn and barley) is currently being made in Kentucky under the watchful eye of the Beam distillers and is among my favorite “bottom shelf” whiskeys. Besides being dirt cheap (avg $15 – $20) it’s incredibly flexible. Neat, chilled, on the rocks or even better in a cocktail, this whiskey is a stalwart and reliable workhorse no matter how you drink it.


Old Overholt Bourbon Tasting Notes


Aromas of Caramel frosting, spice, graham and cinnanom.


The finish feels like green apple, graham crackers and sugared oak


Taste has notes of spice, lemon pepper, grains, wood and fruit.


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