Old Forester 1910 Fine Bourbon Whiskey

Old Forester 1910 Fine Bourbon Whiskey


Old Forester 1910 is a Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey from the Old Forester range of whiskeys. The Old Forester brand of whiskeys have interestingly named after an important customer of the brand, and not the founder himself.

This expression was released in 2018, as part of the Whiskey Row series by the Old Forester brand. The 1910 name has been inspired by the year founder George Garvin Brown discovered his re-barrelled whiskey had developed an irresistible new depth and character.

History of Old Forester 1910 Whiskey

Founder George Garvin Brown, a pharmaceutical salesman by profession, is claimed to have ‘created’ the first bottled bourbon in 1870. The brand of whiskey, named Old Forester, in honour of Dr William Forrester, was created by blending together whiskeys from three different distilleries in the region.

Brown blended the whiskeys and sealed them in glass bottles, a practice that hadn’t yet been adopted widely in America by then. He also signed each bottle as a way of personally guaranteeing its quality for whiskey lovers.

After the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 was passed, the Old Forester brand of whiskeys were bottled at 100 Proof (50% ABV), as opposed to 90 Proof (45% ABV). The Act also specified that the whiskey must be distilled at one distillery, in one season. To comply with these new regulations, Brown purchased the Mattingly Distillery in 1901.

In 1910, a bottling plant for the Old Forester whiskey brand caught fire, and the matured whiskey that was ready to bottle had to be re-barrelled. Thus began the maturation process for the second time, which pleasantly surprised Brown when he tried it. This whiskey was sold under the label Very Old Fine Whisky, the first double barrelled Bourbon as claimed by the company.

Over the years, the Old Forester brand of straight Bourbon went through a number of changes such as converting their distillery to produce industrial-grade alcohol after the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, introducing a branded decanter for their whiskey in 1951 and even introducing a lighter Bourbon ‘for the growing cocktail culture’ in 1959.

The Whiskey Row series was launched by the company in 2014. As a way for their patrons and loyal customers to taste the whiskeys created in the image of their distilling heritage, Old Forester introduced four different expressions in the Whiskey Row series. The Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky is a part of the Whiskey Row series, and is accompanied by the 1870 Original Batch Whisky, 1897 Bottled in Bond, and the 1920 Prohibition Style Whisky.

Although the prevalence of using the spelling ‘whiskey’ is more common in America, Old Forester have been known to use both iterations of the word.

Making Process of Old Forester 1910 Fine Whiskey

The 1910 Old Fine Whisky was a recipe discovered accidentally by founder George Garvin Brown when he was forced to re-barrel his matured whiskey after his bottling plant caught fire. Re-barrelling the spirit caused it to undergo maturation once again, developing an entirely new personality which inspired Brown to market it as a whole new expression.

Brown labelled the whiskey ‘Very Old Fine Whisky’, and this process has been mimicked by the Old Forester Distillery for their Whiskey Row series of heritage expressions. Since Brown stumbled upon this method in the year 1910, this expression has been named Old Forester 191

Alcohol Percentage in Old Forester 1910 Fine Whiskey

The Old Forester 1910 Fine Whisky carries an alcohol content of 45% ABV (90 US Proof), slightly higher than the standard permissible limit for most Bourbon whiskeys in America.


Bronze Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2020

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Old Forester 1910 Fine Bourbon Whiskey Tasting Notes


Soft, buttery with aromas of toffee, cedar wood and apricots


Clean, medium finish. Charred Oak and spicy aftertaste


Well-rounded, mellow and smooth. Sweet flavours of raisins, milk chocolate and spice follow


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