Old Eight Whisky

Old Eight Whisky


Old Eight is one of the most famous whiskies in Brazil. With an eclectic combination of tradition, materials and ability it creates a unique mix with a strong character.Produced in Brazil with pure malt imported from Scotland and according to the original process of the old continent. The result is one unique and incomparable whisky.Old Eight is of an amber colour with golden crystal tones, it has a perfume that is harmonious with hints of wood and peat, and a flavour that is slightly spicy, wooded and persistent.

Old Eight was created in 1965 by Fabrizio Fasano. It was the first locally produced whisky elaborated using 8 year aged malts. Old Eight was launched in the market with an objective to create a proper Brazilian whisky. It became very popular due to its quality and its successful advertising campaign.


Old Eight Whisky Tasting Notes


Deep copper.


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