Minor Case Straight Rye

Minor Case Straight Rye


The Clan Campbell 8 Year Old Scotch whisky has been the most popular premium whiskey in France in recent years. It brings together the best of Scotch grains with a malt base. It is matured in oak casks for eight years. This lends the blend a warm hue, a peaty smokiness and almost creamy smoothness. This blend has 40% AVB and stands out among its contemporaries.

  • History

    The naming of the blend has a rather interesting story behind it. While the Campbells are one of the most prominent bloodlines in the Scottish Highlands, it is still a matter of mystery how the name came to be associated with the blended scotch. It probably came into being once Forbes Macgregor & Co. became S. Campbell & Sons in 1937.


Minor Case Straight Rye Tasting Notes


A prominent malty aroma, with hints of creamy caramel toffee, honey, walnut, oak and cedar. There are vague hints of citrus, and dried herbs as well.


A subtle sweetness, balanced with woody textures and fruity aftertaste.


Warm, lingering smoothness ending with drier notes.


A lush, smooth, and full-bodied scotch with faint hints of spice.


Gorgeous, deep amber.


It has a warm texture, with the nuttiness of hazelnuts, a bitter-sweet mix of caramel toffee, and a smokiness that lingers from the oak casks.


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