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Maqintosh Premium Whisky


One of the first experiments with single malt to have been carried out in India, Amrut Distilleries’ MaQintosh Premium Whisky was birthed from Neelakanta Rao Jagdale’s ambition to produce a quality single malt in India.

First released in 1982, MaQintosh available Premium Whisky quickly captured the imagination of whisky lovers in India being one of the first whisky brands in India to contain single malts produced in India. Today, the MaQintosh brand is in over 22 countries worldwide.

History of MaQintosh

The son of Amrut Distilleries’ founder, JN Radhakrishna Rao Jagdale, Neelakanta Rao took over the reins of the company after his father’s death in 1976, and by 1982, his plans of producing a single malt in India had begun to take traction.

Since the prevalence of single malt whiskies in India was scarce, N. R. Jagdale decided to blend his single malt with sugarcane spirit, and thus, the MaQintosh Premium Whisky was born. The single malt used to blend the initial expressions of MaQintosh contained a much larger portion of malt whisky, although owing to the preferences of the Indian whisky drinker back in the day, the amount of malt whisky was brought down by Amrut.

The brand gained steady success in the market, and a MaQintosh Silver Edition was released to commemorate the 25 years of MaQintosh Premium Whisky, the MaQintosh Silver Edition was released, a blended whisky created with peated and unpeated malts.

The alcohol percentage of the MaQintosh Premium Whisky is 42.8%, adhering to the industry standards in India.

MaQintosh Premium Whisky Tasting Notes

A bright golden drink, the MaQintosh Premium whisky has earned itself many loyalists over the years. With a Nose that gives off aromas of toffee sweets with hints of peaty smoke, and a mildly oaky palate with generous traces of apples, it has a warm burn, and a slightly long finish.

Maqintosh Premium Whisky Price

Maqintosh Premium Whisky price in India can vary from state to state due to the difference in regional excise rules. However, Maqintosh Premium whisky is considered a budget whisky brand often falling in the ₹500 to ₹750 price bracket. You can check the exact Maqintosh Premium whisky price online through the excise department website of your state or union territory where they release monthly liquor rate lists.


Maqintosh Premium Whisky Tasting Notes


Toffee sweets.


Warm burn.


Mildly oaky & apples.


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