Kentucky Tavern Bourbon
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Kentucky Tavern Bourbon


Kentucky Tavern has been around since the trademark was registered in 1903. The brand survived Prohibition, two World Wars, and several acquisitions. The latest acquisition saw Kentucky Tavern purchased by Sazerac in 2009 as part of a package deal with Tom Moore Distillery/Constellation Spirits Brands.

According to “The Book of Bourbon” Kentucky Tavern is comprised of the same wheat heavy mashbill as Weller and Old FItzgerald.But given that the only places one finds Kentucky Tavern are in the hands of undiscriminating hobos and under the sink at dive bars, the mashbill likely wont be a redeeming quality.


Kentucky Tavern Bourbon Tasting Notes


Aromas of Pepper, baking spices, and corn are prevalent.


Really fresh pear apricot and cherry fruity finish


Flavors of pepper and spices are muted, save for sweet corn.


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