Johnnie Walker Platinum 18yr Scotch
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Johnnie Walker Platinum 18yr Scotch


The Johnnie Walker 18-Year-Old was earlier known as the Platinum Label, before the same blend was renamed the 18-Year-Old in 2017. It is a blend of fine single malt and grain whiskies with an age-statement of 18 years, making it the oldest Johnnie Walker expression in their core range.

It was the handiwork of Johnnie Walker Master Blender, Jim Beveridge, and is marketed as a luxury whisky, packaged in the iconic Johnnie Walker ‘square bottle’ with gold accents.


The earliest foundations of the Johnnie Walker brand were laid in 1820 by founder John Walker, when he devoted his entire inheritance to opening a grocery store in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Observing the highly lucrative whisky business, John Walker began blending whiskies for his wealthy clientele, although the blending of malt whiskies with grain whiskies was prohibited by law until 1860. John Walker passed away in 1857, handing over the reins and the future of the Johnnie Walker brand to his son, Alexander ‘Alec’ Walker and Alexander Walker II.

They were responsible for creating the first range of three proprietary Johnnie Walker blends which were rebranded as the White Label, Red Label and the Black Label in 1909. Over the years, Johnnie Walker added more and more whiskies to their inventory even as they discontinued the White Label during World War II.

The Johnnie Walker 18 Year Old, also known as the Platinum Label earlier, was introduced in 2011 and is placed in the segment between the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, and the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve.

It is the oldest expression in the Johnnie Walker core range, and is part of the super-premium category, and competes with another iconic blended Scotch whisky, the Chivas Regal 18 in the ’18 Years and Older’ category.

Making Process

The Johnnie Walker 18-Year-Old was created by Master Blender Jim Beveridge, and is an exceptional blend of nearly 18 rare and exclusive whiskies from regions all over Scotland.

Beveridge further states the source whiskies belong to the Speyside, Highlands and even the Island of Islay from distilleries such as Cardhu, Glen Elgin, Auchroisk and Blair Ethol among others.

The brand claims it was inspired by the family tradition that began with John Walker and his Son’s practice of gifting ‘private blends’ to close friends and family.

Alcohol Percentage

Johnnie Walker 18-Year-Old sticks to the standard alcohol percentage for Scotch whiskies, and carries a strength of 40% ABV.


The Johnnie Walker 18-Year-Old has won several awards over the years including;

Gold at The Scotch Whisky Masters in the Blended: Super Premium category in 2015.

Third Place finish at the International Whisky Competition in the Best Blended Scotch (18 Years) category in 2015

Silver Outstanding at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in the Scotch Whisky – Deluxe Blend category in 2013.


Johnnie Walker Platinum 18yr Scotch Tasting Notes


Sweet aromas of citrus and almonds with hints of vanilla.


Rich, lingering finish with notes of smoky dark chocolate.


A rich nutty, malty and sweet drink with traces of creamy cereal and spicy vanilla with the signature smoky Johnnie Walker taste


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