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Johnnie Walker Double Black


One of the newest, and fairly unique additions to the Johnnie Walker inventory, the Double Black was first introduced to the global market in 2011. It is a smokier, more complex no-age-statement interpretation of the Johnnie Walker Black Label, one of the company’s most acclaimed and highly sought after expressions.


The Johnnie Walker Black Label is an award-winning and commercially successful blended scotch whisky with a slightly higher peaty profile as compared to other Johnnie Walker expressions. It also carries an age-statement of 12 years, and is one of their most rich and complex drinks.

The Black Label was one of the first core expressions from the Johnnie Walker range, and was known as the Extra Special Old Highland whisky before 1909.

The Double Black Label was developed as an augmented peaty version of the Black Label, and was only made available in travel retail as an exclusive controlled release to gauge its success.

It was received well by Johnnie Walker loyalists who appreciate a higher content of peatiness in their Scotch whisky. Although the Double Black Label is created using the Black Label as a blueprint, it does not carry an age-statement since its signature taste is developed by adding younger Islay whiskies to the blend.

Making Process

The Double Black blend is created by adding younger, more-peaty Islay whiskies to the Johnnie Walker Black Label. The resulting whisky is then aged further in heavily charred Oak barrels to achieve the smooth, yet compellingly smoky flavor it has come to be known by.

Alcohol Percentage

The Johnnie Walker Double Black, like all standard blended Scotch whiskies carries an alcohol strength of 40% ABV (80 US Proof).


The Johnnie Walker Double Black has won a number of awards over the years, including most notably;

Gold at The Scotch Whisky Masters in the Blended – No Age Statement category in 2018.

Gold at The Scotch Whisky Masters in the Blended – Premium category in 2015.

Silver Outstanding at the International Wine and Spirits Challenge in the Scotch Whisky – Blended category in 2017.

Silver at the International Wine and Spirits Challenge in the Scotch Whisky – Deluxe Blend category in 2014.


Johnnie Walker Double Black Tasting Notes


Rich smoke, with hints of fruity aromas and raisins


Warm finish with hints of oakiness and a good length.


Infusions of sweet pears, apples and citrus are followed by traces of sweet vanilla.


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