Explorers' Club The Spice Road Scotch
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Explorers' Club The Spice Road Scotch


Johnnie Walker Explorer’s Club Collection - The Spice Road is a lively, contemporary blend. It recalls the vibrant colours and heady aromas of the spice markets along the ancient trade routes through Persia, India and China - routes taken by agents of John Walker & Sons as they travelled the globe.​


Explorers' Club The Spice Road Scotch Tasting Notes


On the nose, you are greeted with a spicy zestiness, subtle notes of fresh and citrus fruits such as apples, kiwis and limes.


With the first sip, your palate embarks on an unforgettable exploration. There is a tantalising balance of smooth, rich honeyed vanilla, warmed by hints of cloves and ginger, with a smoky finish reminiscent of smouldering wood.


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