Jim Beam Bourbon Original White Label
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Jim Beam Bourbon Original White Label


Jim Beam is a Kentucky based Bourbon whiskey brand that was established in 1795, and continues to be made using same recipe to achieve the desired result of an unchanged taste over the years.

The Jim Beam Original is also known as the White Label, and it continues to be their oldest and most popular drink around the world. The whiskey was assigned the name Jim Beam after 1933, in honour of James Beam, who reinvigorated the family business after Prohibition ended. Earlier, the brand’s whiskey was known as Old Jake Beam, named after founder Johannes ‘Jacob’ Beam.


The Beam family migrated to the United States in the 18th century from Germany, and Johannes ‘Jacob’ Beam began dabbling in distillation with corn and other grains during this time. He developed the first batch of the Old Jacob Beam and sold it commercially in 1795, establishing a brand that would employ seven generations of the Beam family as Master Distillers at the company.

As the company passed hands over the years, notable people who contributed to the growth and success of the Old Jacob Beam were David Beam, known as The Pioneer; David. M. Beam, known as The Visionary; and Colonel James. B. Beam, the man whose signature adorns every bottle of Jim Beam, who was known as The Colonel and The Legend.

The company and the drink was renamed after Colonel James. B. Beam, and he is attributed with masterminding and bringing the brand back to life after Prohibition was lifted across America.

Today, the Jim Beam company claims that it is the world’s number one Bourbon brand.

Making Process

The Jim Beam bourbon is created using a mash bill that sticks to the legal requirements from a bourbon whiskey, although the company insists on keeping the details of the exact grain ratio a secret. Also, Jim Beam employs 40% of the old mash from their previous distillation into the fresh mash, and it is followed by the addition of yeast.

Jim Beam claims that their closely guarded yeast is based on a family secret, and the same strain of yeast has been in use since the end of Prohibition in order to ensure consistency.

The fermented mash is distilled through 65-foot-tall stills, whereupon its heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, after which the ‘low wine’ with an alcohol percentage of 62.5% ABV (125 US Proof) is ready for maturation.

Four years is the time Jim Beam whiskies undergo maturation in brand new heavily charred Oak barrels, after which the product is ready to be bottled and hit the market.

Alcohol Percentage

Jim Beam Original White Label bourbon is bottled at 80 US Proof (40% ABV) per the specified standards in the American market.


No major awards have been awarded to the Jim Beam Original White Label.


Jim Beam Bourbon Original White Label Tasting Notes


Sweet, Oaky aromas with hints of vanilla, and spice.


Smoke and Oaky flavors with small traces of vanilla, caramel, and some spicy notes


Mellow, Medium and with an aftertaste of vanilla and resin.


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