Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey

Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey


The Jameson Black Barrel is a blended, no-age-statement Irish whiskey from the world’s most renowned Irish whiskey distillers.

It is a small batch whiskey, and was launched sometime around 2011 making it one of the brand’s most recent and well-received releases.

History of the Jameson Black Barrel

Established in the Irish capital city of Dublin by John Jameson in 1780, the Jameson Whiskey brand is one of the world’s oldest distilleries and whiskey brands to have endured for centuries. The brand was established at a time when Irish whiskey dominated the markets and minds of whiskey lovers globally.

John Jameson was soon joined by his son, John Jameson II, who assisted his father in running the distillery and later took over the business upon his father’s death. The distilling traditions ran strong in the Jameson family as generation after generation of John Jameson took over the family business.

Jameson became one of the world’s largest whiskey producing brands, and the second biggest in Ireland by the arrival of the 1800s.

The triple distillation process that produces a light, yet potent spirit was one of the driving factors behind Jameson’s steady rise in the world of whiskey making. Turbulent times were endured by the company in the form of World Wars, Prohibition and even the Irish Civil War.

Jameson Black Barrel is the product of the Jameson brand’s rich history and experience in creating some of the finest examples of Irish whiskeys.

The standard Jameson drink is a blended whiskey, a blend of Irish pot still and grain whiskies, with the twice charred barrel maturation makes the Black Barrel a refreshing experiment in the art of whiskey making.

Making Process of the Jameson Black Barrel

This exceptional Jameson drink is blended by marrying a breathtaking small batch produced grain whisky with an equally fine Irish single pot still whiskey, which is triple distilled like all Jameson drinks.

Matured in double charred ex-Bourbon Oak barrels, the Jameson Black Barrel embraces the vast depth of flavor from the barrels producing a truly unique spin on the standard Jameson Irish whiskey.

Alcohol Percentage of the Jameson Black Barrel

Jameson Black Barrel carries an alcohol strength of 40% ABV.

Awards of the Jameson Black Barrel

Master Award at The Irish Whiskey Masters in the Irish Blended: Premium category in 2018.

First Place at the International Whisky Competition in the Best Irish Whiskey category in 2015.

Gold at the World Whiskies Awards in the Irish Blended Whiskey: No Age Statement category in 2014.

Winner at the World Whiskies Awards in the Best Irish Blend category in 2014.

Silver at The Irish Whiskey Masters in the Irish Blended: Premium category in 2017.

Bronze at the Malt Maniac Awards in the Daily Dram category in 2013.

The Exotic Range of Jameson Whiskeys

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2. Jameson Caskmates

3. Jameson Signature Reserve

4. Jameson 12 Year Old

5. Jameson 18 Year Old

6. Jameson Black Barrel Select Reserve

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Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey Tasting Notes


Rich and intense aromas of butterscotch, fudge and creamy toffee with traces of tropical fruits.


Long, hints of toasted wood, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon.


Smooth, thick and creamy with flavors of nuts, sweet vanilla, coconuts and some spice.


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