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Jack Daniels Single Barrel


Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is an American Tennessee Whiskey from the house of Jack Daniel’s, one of the world’s largest producers of American whiskey, and holders of the title of the world’s bestselling American whiskey.

Introduced in 1997, the Single Barrel series of Tennessee Whiskeys from Jack Daniel’s also include Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye, Single Barrel-Barrel Proof and Single Barrel 100 Proof.


Founder Jack Daniel established the Jack Daniel’s brand in 1866, although some accounts claim the official registration of the brand did not occur until 1875. He did it with the help of Nearest Green, an enslaved man who taught Daniel’s all there is to know about whisky distillation, and Dan Call, Daniel’s mentor.

He purchased the land where the Jack Daniel’s Distillery is currently located in 1884, becoming one of the many distilleries operating in the county of Moore, city of Lynchburg, Tennessee. The iconic square shaped bottle used for the Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 whiskey were adopted by Jack Daniel’s in 1897.

The first taste of wider success for the brand began arriving after Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 won a Gold medal at the St. Louis World Fair in Missouri. As the Jack Daniel’s brand was gaining popularity, Jack Daniel’s deteriorating health convinced him to pass control of the distillery to his two nephews, Lem and Jess Motlow in 1907.

Jack Daniel passed away in 1911, and Lem Motlow successfully ran the business for nearly 40 years, guiding the Jack Daniel’s brand through turbulent times such as the Great Depression and even Prohibition.

After a brief closure of the distillery during World War II, fortune smiled over the Jack Daniel’s as new Master Distiller Lem Tolley as the brand prepares for its eventual surge in popularity and demand not just in America but all over the world. This popularity made Jack Daniel’s the drink of choice for performers, musicians, and movie stars including none other than Frank Sinatra in the list of its admirers.

This overwhelming success was undertaken under the leadership of Jess Gamble and Frank Bobo, Master Distillers at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery since 1966 until 1988.

Jimmy Bedford, Master Distiller at the distillery since 1988 until 2007 undertook the release of a few new releases such as the Gentleman Jack, and the Single Barrel series of Jack Daniel’s whiskeys were released during his stint as Master Distiller.

Making Process

The Single Barrel Select collection has been slotted in the super premium niche by Jack Daniel’s as the whiskey is bottled, as the name suggests, from a single barrel of whiskey matured at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.

When the Single Barrel series was initially released by the brand, they were only producing 10 barrels of the whiskey, and the barrels are handpicked by the Master Distiller himself.

Less than one percent of the produce from the Jack Daniel’s Distillery is considered worthy to be bottled as the Single Barrel Select, and the nature of the bottlings have a tendency to differ from each other owing to the exclusivity of the spirit.

Alcohol Percentage

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel carries an alcohol strength of 47% ABV/ 94 US Proof, the standard permissible limit for American Bourbon whiskeys although Jack Daniel’s is classified as a Tennessee Whiskey.

Other bottlings with an alcohol strength of 45% ABV/ 90 US Proof are also available in the market.


Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select has not won any major awards at whisky tasting competitions.


Jack Daniels Single Barrel Tasting Notes


Cereal sweetness, with aromas of oak, toffee, spice and smoke.


Medium, citrusy and cereal sweetness towards the end.


Sweet, slightly spicy with traces of oiliness, nuts and aniseed.


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