Imperial Neon Scotch
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Imperial Neon Scotch


Pernod Ricard has added Imperial Neon to its Imperial whisky range in Korea. The company described the whisky as "smooth".

"It is infused with notes of apple, fresh pear, golden honey and hazelnut from the art of blending, presenting a smoother texture suited to Koreans’ tastes," the company said.

Neon joins the existing range - IP12, 17, 19, Quantum and 21. The packaging features a metallic light blue label, reminiscent of a neon sign.

Jean Manuel Spriet, CEO of Pernod Ricard Korea, said: “The new product will help consumers enjoy Scotch whisky in more comfortable and casual settings and its dynamic brand name and design will vitalize the market.”

Imperial Neon does not feature an age statement.


Imperial Neon Scotch Tasting Notes


Infused with notes of apple, pear, golden honey and hazelnut.


Presented with a smoother texture suited to Koreans’ tastes.


Sweet and nutty taste.


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