Highland Clan Scotch
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Highland Clan Scotch


An old and rare blend of 100% scotch whiskies, Highland Clan Scotch has been matured for over three years and was bottled in the 1960s and 1970s. Several variations since then have been introduced by the house of Chivas, some even in green glass bottles.

  • History

    The Highland Clan Scotch was blended and bottled by the Highland Bonding Co. Ltd, in its Paisley distillery in Scotland. The company had been around since the early 1900s, but came into light after being incorporated in 1936. It was initially bought by Jimmy Barclay, one of the biggest names in the whisky dealing industry. The brand went on to change hands from Barclay to Chivas Brothers to Seagram, and most recently to Diageo and Pernod Ricard, through a succession of acquisitions.

    The Highland Clan Scotch bottle itself changed its looks through the years, from wide bottles to leaner bottles with longer necks. It was even sold in green glass bottles much recently— a contrast to its usual clear glass.

    The scotch is not generally sold in the US. In Europe, it can be found in whisky outlets and supermarkets.


Highland Clan Scotch Tasting Notes


A whiff of this blend overwhelms the senses with a sharp, sweet scent, mingled with the peaty smokiness, characteristic of a whisky from Scotland.


Despite its apparent smoky sweetness, one cannot discount the artificial flavoring one tastes, which some do not find pleasant.


One can expect a bite in its finish that lingers for some time.


A medium bodied whisky that may not come across as bland, but can taste artificial to some.


This liquor has a signature light color.


The scotch has a peaty flavor mixed with sweetness from the Scottish heather-honey


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