Hewitts Whiskey

Hewitts Whiskey


When this was first launched back in the 1970s, it was a very, very rare peated Irish whiskey. The last incarnation, however, is a blend of Bushmills and Midleton malt, as well as some grain. This is also a very rare combination. Unfortunately, this was discontinued about 10 years ago, despite being quite popular amongst those in the know.

This whiskey is now a rarity as Irish Distillers decided in 2004 not to produce this fine blend any longer.It was first launched in 1960 by Cork Distilleries Co., the name being a hint at one of its founding distilleries: Watercourse Distillery in Watercourse Road, Cork, owned by the Hewitt Family. Strangely enough, the address on the label - North Mall, Cork - points to another distillery located there, which was owned by the Wise Family.However, the blend consists of two Malt Whiskeys - one from Midleton, one from Bushmills - and a Grain Whiskey from Midleton. It is bottled at 40 % ABV.


Hewitts Whiskey Tasting Notes


A big, intense heavy malt-rich nose with the cleanest of sherry backgrounds of dark cherries and ripe plums.


Custard-cream sweetness gives way to drier grains plus some juniper on the very end.


Very lively. Sweet maltiness. Touch of vanilla, developing to a perfumy spiciness.


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