Grant’s Family Reserve Blended Scotch
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Grant’s Family Reserve Blended Scotch


Grant’s Family Reserve Scotch is a blended Scotch whisky from William Grant & Sons stable of scotch whiskies. The Family Reserve blend is the standard expression from the eponymous Grant’s line of blended whiskies.

The Grant’s Family Reserve blend is the company’s flagship products, and is built around the grain whisky from Girvan, the second largest grain whisky producer in the world.

History of Grant Family Reserve

William Grant, the founder who also lent his name to the company, established it in the year 1887. Starting out as a cow-herder, Grant sought the help of his family members, which included his sons and daughters in order to get his distillery up and running. He named his new distillery, Glenfiddich and opened the doors on Christmas Day in 1887.

An entirely devoted and family-run business, the Grant’s name began to travel overseas in 1909 with Charles Gordon, William Grant’s son-in-law. Gordon played a pivotal role in acting as a salesperson for the company, helping augment the company’s export business.

As Prohibition ground the wheels of the whisky industry to a halt, William Grant increased the production at his distillery, successfully increasing his stockpiles of matured spirit. This stockpile would eventually help them satisfy the market after Prohibition officially ended.

The William Grant & Sons brand continues to remain a family-run business even today, nearly a century after William Grant passed away in 1923. Peter Gordon, the fifth generation of the family, is the current CEO of the company.

The Grant’s Family Reserve blend was earlier known as the Grant’s Standfast, having been re-branded to its current name during the 1980s.

Making Process

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The Grant’s Family Reserve blend is characterized as a Speyside blend, with a light, sweet and fruity profile. Nearly all of Grant’s blends are created around the fingerprint grain whisky distilled at the Girvan distillery, constructed by Charles Gordon, the great-grandson of William Grant.

The Family Reserve blend is based on the recipe for the family’s oldest blend, the Grant’s Standfast. The single malts that are added to the Family Reserve blend could be procured from a number of the family-run single malt distilleries such as the Glenfiddich, Kininvie, and Balvenie although there is no divulgence regarding the same by William Grant & Sons.

Alcohol Percentage

Grant’s Family Reserve blended Scotch whisky carries an alcohol strength of 40% ABV, the standard permissible limit for whiskies in Scotland.

Tasting Notes


Light, with subtle hints of toasted cereal, fruit and some smoke


Sweet, with a touch of honey and vanilla, followed by a gentle fruity, Sherry character


Medium, leaving behind hints of caramel and toasted Oak

Silver medal at The Scotch Whisky Masters in the Blended – Standard category in 2015.

Silver medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in the Scotch Whisky – Blended category in 2017.

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Grant’s Family Reserve Blended Scotch Tasting Notes


Light, with subtle hints of toasted cereal, fruit and some smoke


Balances vanilla sweetness with malty and light floral fragrances.


Medium, leaving behind hints of caramel and toasted Oak


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