Golfer's Shot Barrel Aged Whisky
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Golfer's Shot Barrel Aged Whisky


Golfer’s Shot Whisky is an Indian whisky brand from the house of Alcobrew. It’s a pristine blend can with a unique golden color and a glint of amber.

History of Golfer’s Shot Whisky

Alcobrew Distilleries India Pvt Ltd began operations in 2005. The company caters to civil, CSD and institutional markets in liquor, across India and has registered impressive growth with Indian whisky brands. Old Smuggler Scotch Whisky and Rum are two widely popular brands from Alcobrew.

The Golfer’s Shot Whisky was launched in 2014 as their exclusive offering in Indian premium liquor segment. The brand’s name is inspired from the game of golf and the bottle is also designed to conform with a golf club. The carton also has an intriguing design, showcasing a silhouette image of the bottle.

Making Process of Golfer’s Shot Whisky

Golfer’s Shot Whisky is a unique blend, matured in handcrafted oak casks to create its rich golden color and intense character. The smooth taste marries the aromas of dried fruits, spices, and fudge with a palate of dark chocolate along with flowery notes and a hint of smokiness. The bold blend elevates the palate with woody notes and a persistent, slightly smoky finish.

Alcohol Percentage of Golfer’s Shot Whisky

Golfer’s Shot Whisky has an ABV of 42.8%, a number consistent with popular Indian whisky brands in its category.

Golfer’s Shot Whisky Price

In India, Golfer’s Shot Whisky price varies from state to state due to the difference in taxation and excise laws. However, the Golfer’s Shot whisky is primarily considered a whisky under ₹1000, although the price may exceed that amount in some territories. To know the exact Golfer’s Shot whisky price online in your area, refer to the monthly liquor price list released by your state or union territory.


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