Glenrothes 12yr Malt Scotch

Glenrothes 12yr Malt Scotch


It may have taken 12 years but we've finally judged an expression worthy of our vintage label and fit to mark the turn of the century. Laid down in 2001, it has been chosen for its wonderful length and depth, displaying soft but stimulating and conversational properties. Something, which we are sure will get even the most regular Glenrothes enthusiasts talking. The Vintage 2001 bottled in 2012 (Edition 1) was selected from a variety of casks to deliver soft but stimulating and conversational properties. It combines the maturity of oaky vanilla, with the fullness of ripe black cherries and has a lingering, typically Glenrothes finish of soft spices. It has wonderful length and depth, hugely satisfying and an excellent demonstration of the Malt Master's skill and dedication to the art of wood management.​


Glenrothes 12yr Malt Scotch Tasting Notes


Lemon meringue pie, sandalwood and a hint of black cherries.


Sweet oaky vanilla with lingering soft dry spiciness.


Golden straw, clear and bright


Oaky vanilla, cream topped with grated nutmeg


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