Glenmorangie 10 Year Old – Single Malt Scotch Whisky
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Glenmorangie 10 Year Old – Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Glenmorangie The Original is a single malt Scotch Whisky with an age-statement of 10 years. It is the standard expression from Glenmorangie, and forms a part of the brand’s core range.

Unlike Speyside distilleries that use the word ‘Glen’ as a prefix in their brand names, Glenmorangie is categorized as a Highland distillery, and is located in Tain, Ross-Shire. A highly rated and renowned single malt, Glenmorangie is also well-known for their distillery stills that are the tallest in Scotland.


The Glenmorangie brand was established in 1843 by William Matheson, who transformed the brewery that stood on the land earlier into a distillery with nothing but two used gin stills at his disposal.

Glenmorangie underwent a change of ownership a more than half a decade later after it was established when the Macdonald and Muir firm, who happened to be Glenmorangie’s most frequent customers.

Over the years, the company has managed to distill a formidable single malt whisky that has carved a niche in the world of Scotch whisky, and has retained an unusual popularity in the country of Scotland itself. Although until a few years ago, the Glenmorangie brand, even though an exceptional one, was relatively little known globally.

The Glenmorangie distillery workers were a group of sixteen men who worked every day of the year except during Christmas and maintenance days, and they have been immortalized in legend as the ‘Sixteen Men of Tain’.

Over the course of its entire history, the Glenmorangie distillery has been shut down on two occasions, once between 1931 and 1936 due to Prohibition, the Great Depression and again due to World War II between 1941 and 1944 as grains were in short supply.

Making Process

Home to the tallest stills in the country of Scotland, the Glenmorangie distillery attributes the ingenuity of their whisky to these stills which help them distill only the lightest vapors. This helps Glenmorangie single malts retain a typical smoothness according to the company.

Another component of Glenmorangie’s whisky making process that can be considered unique is their use of white Oak barrels from their own forest in the Ozark mountains of Missouri. These oak barrels are left to air for a period of two years before being loaned out to American Bourbon makers in the United States.

These ex-Bourbon barrels are then used by Glenmorangie to age their whiskies, and The Original is exclusively aged in these barrels for the entirety of its maturation period.

Alcohol Percentage

Like all Scotch whiskies, Glenmorangie The Original carries an alcohol strength of 40% ABV as specified by the legal requirements of the Scotch Whisky Association.


Glenmorangie The Original has won a string of awards in recent years such as;

Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018.

Silver at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2018.

Silver at the International Spirits Challenge in 2018.

Silver at the International Whisky Competition in 2018.


Glenmorangie 10 Year Old – Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes


Notes of citrus and fruitiness infused with vanilla


Long, with an aftertaste of orange and peach.


Flavors of vanilla being felt first, followed by fruitiness


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