Flavoured whisky


If you have been following trends closely, you will be aware that flavoured whiskies are currently a hit. It is mostly the distilleries in US who are responsible for this. The target audience is women and young adults. It is about appealing to women who gravitate towards beer or wine and young consumers who have still not developed a taste for Scotch whisky. Whisky purists will scoff at this innovation but surprisingly flavoured whisky accounts for 12% of all domestic whisky sale. For a consumer who buys a bottle of whisky flavoured with cinnamon or maple, it doesn’t matter how long the spirit has been aged in casks or who the distiller is.

If you are wondering what has sparked this flavour revolution, it is our thirst for bold flavours and new tastes which has led to this. As we enthusiastically look forward to trying interesting cocktails, flavoured whisky has started to gain prominence.

So how do you drink this? Consider mixing them in a whisky cocktail for a twist or drink it neat after a hearty meal. The flavoured whisky category appears to be fast growing and will only get larger with time. If you have been ordering hazelnut coffee at a coffee shop, you may just order honey whisky at a bar. Bars like Jack Rose in Washington DC devote a section of their menu to 25 flavoured whiskeys.

If you are not looking for depth and want a quick high from syrupy hooch, opt for flavoured whiskies. If you want to try something new, pour a dram over ice and toast to the good life. You will not be disappointed. Also, know about the various benefits of whisky.