Famous Grouse Scotch
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Famous Grouse Scotch


The Famous Grouse is a brand of blended Scotch whisky named after Scotland’s national game bird, the Red Grouse, and the brand claims that after it attained a certain level of popularity, the word ‘Famous’ was added to their name.

Enjoying an immense popularity in the country of its production, The Famous Grouse brand has consistently been one of the United Kingdom’s bestselling Scotch whiskies for a very long time.


The foundations for the brand were laid initially by Matthew Gloag who entered the grocery and whisky selling merchant, which were then taken further by Matthew’s son, William. By 1860, William had the reins of the company in his hands, and unshackled by the newly passed Spirits Act of 1860, begun blending whisky but the Grouse brand was not established until the arrival of William’s son, Matthew Gloag.

Named after his grandfather, William Gloag created the now ‘famous’ blend, and called it The Grouse. Over a period of time, the name ‘The Famous Grouse’ was adopted and registered, and the iconic Red Grouse logo was designed by fourth-generation Gloag, Matthew’s daughter, Phillippa.

Business was good for the Gloags for a number of decades and in 1970, after Matthew Gloag’s demise, the brand was acquired by Highland Distillers following which it soon became the bestselling Scotch whisky in Scotland.

Soon, new avenues for The Famous Grouse opened up with the prospect of export presenting a tantalizing opportunity for the brand to grow beyond its home country. This earned the Royal Warrant for The Famous Grouse brand in 1984 as it had begun to register sales in the region of nearly 2 million cases in sales each year.

Today, The Famous Grouse brand is owned by The Edrington Group who also own a number of other whisky and spirit brands and distilleries such as Macallan, Highland Park, Brugal rum and Snow Leopard vodka.

Making Process

The single malts employed in The Famous Grouse blend are supplied from the Macallan and Highland Park distilleries, both owned by the parent organization that owns The Famous Grouse brand ensuring adequate supply for the brand.

Matured for an undisclosed amount of time in European Oak Sherry barrels and ex-Bourbon American Oak barrels infuse their flavors and characteristics in the whisky.

Alcohol Percentage

The Famous Grouse carries an alcohol strength of 40% ABV.


The Famous Grouse has not won any awards or medals at spirits or whisky tasting competitions although it has consistently ranked as the highest selling blended Scotch whisky in Scotland, and was once the number one whisky in Scotland since 1980.


Famous Grouse Scotch Tasting Notes


ight, with aromas of apples and hints of flowers


Sweet, clean and medium length finish


Fruity sweetness, with lots of flavor and creaminess and the most delicate smoke.


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