Director's Special Black Whisky

Director's Special Black Whisky


A blend this distinct is bottled in an equally distinct way. The unique design of the glass bottle with an engraved logo and the bold packaging has become synonymous to DSP Black in the minds of the consumers. Characterized by exceptional malt that has been blended to an exquisite smoothness, this fine whisky owns more than its fair share of awards owing to its blend par excellence.

DSP Black, launched in 1988 by Shaw Wallace, is an extension of the Director's Special brand into the prestigious deluxe whisky segment of the Indian market. Launched in 1988, from the stables of Shaw Wallace and later taken into the USL fold, DSP Black has become the fastest growing whisky in the entire regular-prestige whisky spectrum.

This superior extension from the DSP franchise has deservedly earned its standing of being the connoisseur's preferred choice. The distinct flavor leaves an indelible impression upon all those who happen to cross its path, with every sip being a veteran's delight. The captivating blend casts a spell of vivacious enthusiasm and transports one to a world of uninhibited fun and excitement. Know more about the various Whisky Brands in India.

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