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Deans Scotch


"Today, Dean´s Finest Scotch Whisky is made to the traditional recipe at the Loch Lomond Distillery in Alexandria in the Scottish highlands, where the master distiller looks after it with the same dedication as James Johnstone did over a century ago. The high-quality malts from the Scottish highlands and the fine Loch Lomond grain whisky are harmoniously blended to the recipe of the old Dean Distillery.

The quality and flavour of a Scotch whisky are to a significant degree characterised by the choice of the different malts. In the case of Dean´s, these are exclusively highland malts. Above all however, it is also the grain whiskys contained in the blend that characterise both quality and character. Only after maturing for years in old oak barrels does Dean´s Finest reach the high quality level that we proudly call Dean Distillery´s Finest Selection."

"Nowhere is the historical heritage and character of Scotland more impressively reflected than in its capital city Edinburgh. Bordered by the estuary of the Firth of Forth to the north and the untouched nature of the Pentland Hills to the south, Edinburgh extends as far as the beautiful coast. Here, in the shadow of the historic Edinburgh Castle, lay Dean Village, the small village that gave its name to the Dean distillery.

Today the place has long been part of Edinburgh city centre. In 1881, James Johnstone set up the distillery on the steep slopes of the River Leith in the shadow of the Dean bridge. And in no time, experienced distillers were were lovingly and expertly producing a top-class whisky that was soon held in high regard. "



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