Dalwhinnie 15yr Malt Scotch
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Dalwhinnie 15yr Malt Scotch


Dalwhinnie is the highest of all the distillers in Scotland and place so to take advantage of the cleanest springwater possible. Dalwhinnie has a smokey, floral aroma and a delicate palate of heather and honed malt. A serious Whisky, yet approachable to the beginners.


Dalwhinnie 15yr Malt Scotch Tasting Notes


Aromatic, toffee, fruit salad, lush nectarine, custard. Floral, apple blossom, honeysuckle. Apple peels, pear, touch of smoke.


Long, malty, walnut, almond


Malty. Walnuts steeped in manuka honey with vanilla sponge. Gentle smoke weaves its way through the cereal with a touch of spice.


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