Clan Campbell Scotch

Clan Campbell Scotch


Clan Campbell is a brand of blended Scotch whisky belonging to the Northern Highlands region of Scotland. It is named after the Scottish clan of the same name, and has been in production since 1948.

Extremely popular in France where it last reported sales of 1.7m cases in 2007, Clan Campbell Scotch whisky is part of Pernod Ricard, the French alcoholic beverages conglomerate.


The Clan Campbell brand was established by a man named Samuel Rosenbloom in 1933 in the city of Glasgow but it wasn’t until years later that the brand gained its eventual identity and brand name.

The Clan Campbell brand was initially named Muir Mackenzie, and was based in Glasgow before it was bought by Samuel Rosenbloom who had by then adopted the name ‘Campbell’ in lieu of Rosenbloom.

A 5-Year-Old expression from the Clan Campbell brand was launched in 1978, and another 12-Year-Old in 1985 as the brand grew steadily in Europe. By 1990, Clan Campbell had surpassed sales of a million cases to become one of the world’s fastest growing Scotch whisky brands.

Making Process

Although the Clan Campbell brand belongs to the Highlands region of Scotland, the whisky that lay at the heart of the blend is sourced from the Speyside. Distilleries owned by Pernod Ricard’s subsidiary, the legendary Chivas Brothers supply much of the source whiskies used for Clan Campbell blends.

Aberlour and Glenallachie whiskies form the core of the Clan Campbell blend with grain whiskies from other distilleries also added in some measure.

Alcohol Percentage

Clan Campbell blended Scotch whisky carries an alcohol strength of 40% ABV, the permissible limit for Scotch whiskies.


Information Unavailable.


Clan Campbell Scotch Tasting Notes


Sweet, floral notes.


Long, warming and smoky finish.


Creamy, with a honeyed sweetness, some amounts of oakiness, spiciness and malt.


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