Chivas Regal Icon Scotch Whisky

Chivas Regal Icon Scotch Whisky


Chivas Regal The Icon is an ultra-premium blended Scotch whisky from the house of Chivas Regal, one of Scotland’s finest whisky blenders. It is the most premium expression from the Chivas Regal inventory, and is only released in limited quantities every year.

The Icon is considered to be a homage to the true legacy of Chivas Regal. The blend was created by marrying some of the oldest and rarest whiskies at Chivas, bottled in a prestigious green handcrafted Dartington Crystal decanter. This Chivas Regal expression is incredibly rare and expensive, and is sought after by whisky collectors throughout the globe.

History of Chivas Regal The Icon Blended Scotch Whisky

The history of Chivas Regal begins with John and James Chivas began working at a grocery store on King Street, Aberdeen in Scotland. James joined the store first, working with William Edwards, and eventually becoming a partner in the store. James was soon joined by his brother John, and the Chivas Brothers were born.

The Chivas Brothers began doubling down on James’ earlier experiments with blending aged whiskies at the grocery store, and eventually created their own proprietary blend – the Royal Strathythan. The blends created by the Chivas Brothers became increasingly popular, alongside their expertise of procuring and supplying luxury goods to their exclusive clientele. This earned the Chivas Brothers their first ever Royal Warrant in 1843, allowing them with the exclusive rights to supply goods to Queen Victoria’s Balmoral Castle.

Royal Warrant

After their first major success began the journey that would make Chivas Regal the finest Scotch whisky makers in the world. Soon, both James and John Chivas passed away but they left the company in capable hands. Alexander Chivas, James’ son ran the company until his death in 1893, whereupon the firm was entrusted to Alexander Smith and Charles Edward.

In 1909, Chivas Regal took the world by storm after they released the world’s first ever luxury whisky, the Chivas Regal 25. It was a blended Scotch whisky unlike the world had ever seen before. Creating ripples across the globe, the Chivas 25 was launched first in the United States of America where it soon became the drink of choice for every high society regular. Master Blender Charles Edward created the Chivas Regal 25, which was the oldest whisky to have ever been created until then.

With the advent of two World Wars, and the ill-fated Prohibition, excitement in the world of whisky took a hit with disrupted exports, barley rationing among other problems. During this time, the Chivas Regal 25 was discontinued and replaced with the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old in 1939. It went on to become an even larger success than its predecessor, forever raising the bar for other Scotch whiskies, and redefining what premium Scotch meant.

After the end of World War II, the Chivas Brothers soon bounced back with a renewed vigour. Having been purchased by Seagram’s in 1949, a vast and comprehensive distribution network across North America and Europe was at their disposal. Suddenly, anyone that desired a dram of fine Scotch whisky could enjoy themselves a glass of Chivas.

In 1950, the Strathisla Distillery became part of the Chivas Brothers family. It is the oldest continuously functioning distillery in the Highlands and Speyside region of Scotland. The Strathisla has since formed the heart of every Chivas Regal blend, and continues to do it.

Master Blender Colin Scott became the Master Blender in 1989, and has created some of the most stellar Chivas Regal blends in recent memory. He also recreated the Chivas Regal 25, which was relaunched by the company to rave reviews in 2007. Scott currently holds the position of Custodian Master Blender at Chivas Brothers. He is one of the key people that helped create the Chivas Regal The Icon blend.

Making Process of Chivas Regal The Icon Blended Scotch Whisky

The Icon is blended Scotch whisky, created by marrying some of the finest single malt and grain whiskies at the Chivas Brothers’ disposal. Some of these extraordinary vintage and rare whiskies belong to ‘ghost distilleries’, which are distilleries that have permanently shut down production.

Some of the last drops of spirit from Scotland’s most legendary whisky distilleries form a part of this sublime blend. The blended spirit is then matured further in rare casks reserved only for the maturation of the best that Chivas Brothers have to offer.

Chivas Regal Icon

Post maturation, The Icon is bottled in a hand-blown crystal decanter from Dartington Crystal. Inspired by the original Chivas bottle, this crystal decanter carries an intricately designed metal Chivas Regal logo, and an exquisite heavy stopper bearing the Chivas luckenbooth. The luckenbooth is an ancient Scottish symbol of love, which embodies the Chivas’ love for Scotch whisky.

Alcohol Percentage in Chivas Regal The Icon Blended Scotch Whisky

Chivas Regal The Icon is bottled at 43% ABV, slightly higher than the standard limit for Scotch whiskies.

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Chivas Regal Icon Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes


Deep, rich and fruity with loads of sweetness. Delicious honey, ripe pears, dark chocolate and creamy orange marmalade complete an astonishingly inviting nose. Quintessentially Chivas in every breath.


A long Chivas finish with generous amounts of sweet fruit.


Very full, and fruity with sweet juicy oranges, pear infused sugar syrup, and exploding vanilla pod flavours. Faint whispers of hazelnut and nutty almond. Incredible delicate balance between the sweet and fruity flavours stands out.


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