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Chivas Regal is one of the most successful and widely known Scotch brands throughout the world. They have been pioneers in the blended Scotch whisky category, dominating the industry for over a century.

The brand was established by brothers, James and John Chivas in Aberdeen, Scotland. Their endeavours took root as a grocery store, paving the way for their eventual entry into the whisky blending business. Soon, the Chivas Regal brand was granted a Royal Warrant, supplying goods to none other than Queen Victoria in the 1800s.

It was Chivas Regal that created the world’s first luxury whisky, the Chivas Regal 25 Year Old which revolutionized how the world perceived whisky and prestige. Over the years, the Chivas Regal range was diversified, adding many more intricately blended expressions with unique characteristics and age statements. At the heart of every single Chivas Regal blend is a single malt distilled at the oldest functioning distillery in the Speyside, the Strathisla.

The Chivas Regal core range begins with the excellent Chivas Regal 12 Year Old, the entry level expression that welcomes one to the house of Chivas. The most prestigious, and coveted duo from the Chivas Regal range are the Chivas Regal Ultis, and Chivas Regal The Icon. These are the expressions that currently form the Chivas Regal core range of blended Scotch whiskies.

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

The most widely known Chivas Regal expression, it is the 12 Year Old that carries out the introductions with many whisky lovers that are beginning their journey into a fascinating new world. The Chivas Regal 12 year old is a multiple Gold medal winning blended Scotch created specifically on the legacy left behind by James Chivas.

The enchanting aromas and flavours of orchard fruits of pear and apples, sweet honey, creamy butterscotch and hazelnuts create one of the most mesmerizing drinking experiences. Not to forget the signature long Chivas finish which quite simply be summarized as the cherry on top. For the people that fancy a few fingers of great whisky to wind down their day, the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old is the Scotch to go for.

Chivas Regal The Brothers’ Blend

Chivas Regal The Brothers’ Blend

One of the more recent inclusions into the core range at the house of Chivas, the Chivas Brothers’ Blend, as the name suggests, is a tribute to the brothers, John and James Chivas. It was the dynamic duo that laid the foundations of a brand that would go on to the very pinnacle of the world of Scotch whisky!

It was launched slightly more conservatively in 2012 as a 12 Year Old, travel-retail exclusive. The Brothers’ Blend from Chivas Regal is said to contain a higher single malt proportion for the intense flavour and aromas. These single malts of course come from the magnificent Strathisla Distillery, and some more from the critically beloved Longmorn. There is lots of fruit, sweet candy and marmalade with a lusciously creamy, signature Chivas texture.

Chivas Regal Extra

Chivas Regal Extra

Unveiled in 2015, the Chivas Extra is another very recent addition to the prestigious Chivas Regal core range that was met with critical acclaim. An incredible no-age-statement blend of single malt and grain whiskies, the Chivas Extra was developed carefully to enhance the deep and rich flavours typically associated with the brand.

A considerable portion of the malt whisky used in the blend has been matured in first-fill Oloroso Sherry barrels. They were a fabulous introduction back in the day that revolutionized the Scotch whisky industry when they were first used to mature spirit. The Chivas Regal Extra is some of Master Blender Colin Scott’s finest work, and has the Gold medals to show for it. A decadently rich blended Scotch whisky with flavours of creamy milk chocolate, freshly cut ripe fruits, rich caramel and sweet cinnamon with just a hint of nutty almonds.

Chivas Regal XV

Chivas Regal 15 Years

The Chivas Regal XV is a 15 Year Old blended Scotch whisky, released in 2018 to replace the previous iteration of this expression. The XV is an exceptional Scotch, having a portion of the blend finished in the rare and highly sought-after Grande Champagne Cognac barrels.

The peculiar name has been chosen as a nod to the Cognac makers system of marking their barrels in a particular manner, in lieu of age-statements. This is a sublime blend, which has all the smoothness you could expect from a 15 year old Scotch, and more. Yet there is no compromise on flavour as you will be greeted with explosions of red apples, boiled sweets, Christmas spices and juicy orange marmalade on the nose. As you take the first sip of the Chivas Regal XV, butterscotch and caramel will be brought forth in the most velvety texture, and the long, long finish will leave you with an aftertaste of vanilla pods. Utterly brilliant work from Chivas once again.

Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Gold Signature

Chivas Regal 18

An exceptional Scotch only for the people with the most exceptional tastes. The Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Gold Signature is one of the few whisky brands that do justice to their grand name. It was released in 1997, and has been one of the great works from legendary Master Blender Colin Scott. Created with as many as 20 different single malts from versatile regions of Scotland, this whisky is simply flavour through and through.

Built around an excellent 18 Year Old single malt from Strathisla, the Chivas 18 Year Old is a unique balance of smoothness with as many as 85 flavour notes. Unmatched brilliance really from Chivas Regal that earned them a string of Gold medals in 2017, among other medals won over the years. Aromas of dried fruit, creamy butterscotch toffee and dark chocolate entice immediately, followed by an explosion of flavours. Floral notes intermingled with dark chocolate, delicate sweetness and just a whisper of smoke with a near eternal long finish that leaves you wanting for more. A triumph from Colin Scott that remains a timeless classic even today.

Chivas Regal 25 Year Old

Chivas Regal 25

The world’s first luxury whisky is quite the title that the Chivas Regal 25 has carried for over a century. When it was first released in 1909, the Chivas 25 was nothing like the world had ever seen. After it was re-released in 2007, it is still undoubtedly one of the finest achievements in the world of Scotch whiskies.

A particular favourite of Jim Murray, author of the annually released Whisky Bible, the Chivas Regal 25 was awarded a whopping 95 points by him! Consistently rated as one of the top whiskies in the 18 Year Old and Over category, there are few whiskies that have matched the critical acclaim won by the Chivas 25. A string of Gold medals help assert the dominance of this classic blend. Delicious aromas of sweet oranges and peaches are followed by soft whiffs of nutty almonds. Rich flavours of chocolates, dried fruit and buttery custard on the palate approach a crescendo with the signature long finish of Chivas. Soft notes of butterscotch round off an extremely pleasant experience.

Chivas Regal The Icon

Chivas Regal The Icon

Everything about The Icon is synonymous with luxury and decadence, beginning with the blend itself, and ending with the hand-blown crystal decanter crafted by the masters at Dartington Crystal. Another remarkable achievement from Master Blender Colin Scott, who created this blend with the rarest and oldest stock whiskies at his disposal.

Often referred to as the pinnacle of the Chivas range, many whiskies that were used to create this blend came from ‘Ghost Distilleries’ that are no longer functional. The blend has been further matured in hand-picked, rare casks for the unmistakable finish you would expect from a whisky of its calibre. There aren’t many whiskies currently in the market that can go toe-to-toe with the magnificence of The Icon, which Chivas Regal describes as ‘simply priceless’. The culmination of decades of experience, maturation and delicate craftsmanship, Chivas Regal’s The Icon has been named perfectly is the least we can say for this one.

Chivas Regal Ultis

Chivas Regal Ultis

The people at Chivas really understand the flair for the dramatic as they preserved one of their most premium expressions to also be one of their most singularly exclusive. Chivas Regal Ultis, the first ever blended malt Scotch from the house of Chivas was released back in 2016. It was one of the hottest new releases in the market when it first came out, and continues to conjure the fascination of whisky lovers throughout the world.

Ultis was created in honour of the five legendary Master Blenders at Chivas Regal, blending together five rare and precious single malts from different distilleries in Scotland. Charles Howard, Charles Julian, Allan Baillie, Jimmy Lang, and the current custodian Master Blender Colin Scott were paid tribute with the Chivas Regal Ultis. Single malts from the Strathisla, the Longmorn, the Braeval, the Tormore and the Allt a’Bhainne were blended to create this no-age-statement blended malt Scotch, the first ever in over a century and half of Chivas Regal’s history. This is the personification of grandeur and the values that make the house of Chivas as legendary as it has been since we have known it.


23rd March 2020


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