Chivas Regal 25 Year Old Scotch Whisky
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Chivas Regal 25 Year Old Scotch Whisky


In a lot of ways, Chivas Regal is remembered and even revered as the first luxury whisky of its time. Way back in 1909, when the Chivas Regal 25 first allowed whisky lovers a glimpse into what a truly divine blended Scotch is, no one had quite done what the house of Chivas did with their Scotch whiskies.

Whether it is the antiquity of having spent a quarter of a century in some of the finest Oak barrels known to mankind, or a groundbreaking innovation that first changed the game over a century ago, the Chivas Regal 25 does it marvelously.

Chivas Regal 25 History

The oldest expression among the legendary Chivas Regal inventory, the Chivas Regal 25-year-old is as exclusive as it is exceptional. Only available in limited quantities, this multiple award winning blended Scotch whisky is the definition of history in a bottle, having survived two World Wars, the unfortunate period of Prohibition in the United States of America and even then, emerged as a drink to be reckoned with.

A blended Scotch whisky, the impeccable taste of the Chivas Regal 25 is achieved by meticulously blending together some of the finest malt and grain whiskies produced in Scotland.

One of the key producers of malt Scotch whiskies for the Chivas Regal blend is the iconic Strathisla Distillery at the Speyside in Scotland. It is the only distillery that has continuously been functioning for over two centuries since it was founded in 1786.

Touted as the world’s first luxury whisky, the Chivas Regal 25-year-old is as much of a collector’s item as it is a whisky lover’s dream come true. Rare pre-Prohibition bottles of the blended Scotch have previously invited some truly astonishing price tags that have never once deterred a true Chivas lover.

Chivas Regal 25 Tasting Notes

As with any ultra-premium Scotch whisky, the Chivas Regal is enjoyed best when served neat, perhaps with a few drops of water to unlock its wonderful taste.

Chivas Regal 25 Alcohol Percentage

The Chivas Regal 25-year-old blended Scotch has an ABV percentage of 40%, per the industry standards. The rich golden liquid is enclosed within an elegantly designed bottle of Chivas Regal with intricate detailing and embossing, accompanied by the famous Chivas Regal logo.

Chivas Regal 25 Awards Won

The world famous blended Scotch has won a string of highly coveted awards at competitions all over the world such as;

  • A Gold at the 2016 International Spirits Challenge in the Scotch Blends, 21 Years and older category.
  • A Gold at the 2015 International Spirits Challenge in the Scotch Blends, Super Premium, 21 Years and older category.
  • A tally of 96 points at the Ultimate Spirits Challenger 2015.
  • A Gold Outstanding at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2015.
  • A tally of 95 points from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible - 2010.

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Chivas Regal 25 Year Old Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes


A fruity aroma with hints of orange, peach followed by traces of nuts and marzipan.


Fondant creaminess, with traces of rich chocolate orange.


A well-rounded, long and typical Chivas Regal smooth finish.


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