Cask-strength whisky

Cask - strength whisky

Cask-strength whisky is the liquor that comes straight out of the barrel after ageing for a certain number of years. The term, ‘cask-strength’ is used to denote the alcohol by volume (ABV) strength used in the liquor, while it is stored inside casks for maturation. Bottled exactly in the same form as found inside casks, the whiskies range between 50% and 63% ABV, against the 30% and 40% ABV found in the regular commercial varieties.

The cask strength whisky has a different market altogether as it is much more expensive compared to the regular varieties. Also, majority whisky enthusiasts prefer diluted spirits, as cask strength offers some serious heat, not enjoyed by many. You could mix with Apple Cider or Club Soda to beat the heat! Bottlers often dilute few categories of cask strength whiskies, but to a much lesser degree, 60% ABV.

The whiskies are older as well, due to longer association with the cask. Hence, consumers belonging to the upper premium category often consider having at least one bottle in their home bars. The classic whiskey is a sheer marker of elegance, heightening the look of your home.Also, know about the various benefits of whisky.