Corby Royal Reserve Canadian Rye Whiskey
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Corby Royal Reserve Canadian Rye Whiskey


Reminiscent of the days before the confederation, the Corby Royal Reserve Canadian Rye Whiskey has been around for quite long. Created by the famous distiller Henry Corby, this liquor has been a favored product across the United States. With 40% ABV, its light yet complex flavors make it an ideal mixer for cocktails.

  • History

    On the banks of Moira River, back in the 1840s, a man named Henry Corby ran a grist mill. He was involved in both buying and selling grain, and doing some grain distillation on the side. As the distillation became more lucrative, Corby decided he could officially open a distillery. After the incorporation of the Corby Distilleries in 1859, Henry began selling liqueur. His son, Harry, joined his business after he grew up, in 1881, and their company grew bigger and its whiskey had their own brand and name – Corby.

    Times although did not stay the same. In the turn of the century, the Corbys decided it would be prudent to merge with other distilleries. Between 1905 and 1935, Corby Distilleries got merged and acquired by several companies, which eventually resulted into the consolidation of Corby with Wiser’s, and the eventual buy out by Hiram Walker – Gooderham & Worts Ltd. Corby Royal Reserve although still lives with its portfolio of Canadian whiskeys and enjoys patrons from both sides of the Atlantic seas.


27th April 2017

Corby Royal Reserve Canadian Rye Whiskey Tasting Notes


This liquor is not one of those which hits you intensely at first. The vapor slowly permeates your olfactory senses, letting out oaky, spicy, and toffee notes. After the initial dusty rye, one tastes the spices. One also gets hints of ginger, clove, pepper, and cinnamon. The aroma soon unveils a complex marriage of butterscotch, vanilla, and pickles, lingering into a fragrance evocative of a bicycle track beside a pine forest.


A good example of a Canadian rye liquor, this drink tastes smooth, light, and subtly rich. The burnt sugar-like flavor on the palate might offset some drinkers.


The whiskey produces a warm sensation down the throat, with people catching some rye and caramel.


A medium bodied liqueur, this product from Corby has flavors that plays on the palate.


In a glass, this rye whiskey looks like a pale copper vessel, shining in sunlight.


Just as expected, the whiskey comes across as watery and light at first, but soon releases a plethora of complex flavors.


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