Black Dog 12 Years Scotch Whisky
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Black Dog 12 Years Scotch Whisky


Black Dog Gold Reserve Aged 12 Years is a premium Indian whisky brand produced by United Spirits Limited. Black Dog 12-Years-Old has an amber color with golden highlights and a robust, malty aroma with complex yet delicate hints of sherry and vanilla. Overall, the Black Dog Gold Reserve is a well-rounded heavy body whisky with mellow woody, and fruity sweetness finished with a touch of cream.

History of the Black Dog 12 Years Scotch Whisky

Previously known as the Black Dog Deluxe, the Scotch whisky is the Black Dog Whisky brand's first-ever variant. It was first blended in 1883 by James Mackinlay to fulfill an order placed by Phipson & Co. Wine Merchants from Bombay, India. At that time, Mackinlay's name and fame were rising, and he was known as the 'Royalty of Whisky'. Mackinlay was assisted by Samuel Millard, an employee of Phipson and responsible for sending the shipment back to India. Originally the Scotch was named Millard Black Dog. Legend has it that Millard named it after his favorite salmon fishing fly, also known as the Black Dog. However, those claims remain unverified to this day.

For a time, the Black Dog was the premium whisky served on board Air India's international flights and was ranked among the leading brands of Scotch whisky onboard passenger ships and Indian Navy warships. Surprisingly, the whisky was not available anywhere west of the Middle East, which suggests that every single one of the Black Dog bottles was shipped to India and her neighbors.

In 1992, production and bottling of Black Dog began in Nashik, after McDowell & Co. and United Distillers India Limited formed the country's first joint venture in alcoholic beverages. The brand was also expected to market in neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. Operations were later expanded to Malaysia as well.

Currently, the Black Dog brand is bottled and marketed in India by United Spirits Limited (the erstwhile McDowell & Co.), a subsidiary of Diageo PLC. The brand competes directly with Ballantine's Finest Blended Scotch and 100 Pipers Blended Scotch, owned by Pernod Ricard.

Making Process of the Black Dog 12 Years Scotch Whisky

The Black Dog Gold Reserve Aged 12 Years is a blend of 25 fine whiskies from all the regions of Scotland - Speyside, Islay, Highlands and Lowlands. Each spirit is matured for a minimum period of 12 years to create a bouquet that captures all the flavors of Scotland and gives the blend its very distinctive flavor and taste.

Alcohol Percentage of the Black Dog 12 Years Scotch Whisky

This premium Scotch whisky has an alcohol percentage of 42.8% and its other variants such as Black Dog Black Reserve, Black Dog Reserve Aged 18 Years and Black Dog Quintessence Aged 21 Years.

Black Dog 12 Years Scotch Whisky Price

In India, Black Dog 12 Years’ price varies from territory to territory due to the variation in liquor taxation across Indian states and union territories. However, generally, the Black Dog 12-Years-Old is considered one of the best whisky brands under ₹2500.

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