benifits of whisky

Health Benefits of Whisky

An Irish man once said, “What whisky will not cure, there is no cure for.” Of course, the world has since found out that he was quite right. Over the years, many researchers have found out that this liquid sunshine contains a plethora of health benefits. But, what has today become a drink for the affluent class was once upon a time enjoyed by the cowboys and construction workers, and was even used as an antiseptic on battlefields. What’s even more surprising is that in the 1920s, whiskey was considered as medicine and sold in pharmacies as a tonic. Intriguing, right?

So, whether you like to sip on a tiny glass of Jim Beam Whiskey, or prefer to enjoy your Jack Daniel’s Whiskey on the rocks, know that every drop of this fine drink is helping your body in some way or another.

Now, without further ado, let’s learn all about the benefits of whisky for health:

Weight Loss

One of the most popular benefits of whisky is weight loss. A study conducted by American Journal of Critical Nutrition has found that alcohol can help in preventing obesity, assuming that you are drinking mindfully. Now, this is possible because whiskey contains carbohydrates, calories and a small amount of sugar that eventually breaks down into energy. So, the next time you head out, order a glass and enjoy the taste as well as the health benefits of whisky.

Benefits of Whisky


Reduces Stress

One of the more important benefits of whisky is that it helps in reducing your stress. Drinking a small glass of whisky can help in calming your nerves and reducing anxiety. So, if you’ve had a long and tiring day, relax and pour yourself a double to let your body soak in all the health benefits of drinking whisky.

Decreases the Risk of Ischemic Stroke

The third and the biggest advantage of whisky is that it prevents ischemic attack, which is caused when a blood clot occurs. Whisky allows free circulation of blood in the body, thereby helping the heart pump blood without any problem. Hence, the next time you need to give someone a reason for your choice of drink, do not forget to mention this solid advantage of whisky.

Controls Diabetes

Diabetes has become a growing concern in the world today. It has affected both young and old alike and is only growing with time. So, guess what can help prevent this pandemic from spreading? Whisky, of course! Whisky contains ellagic acid that can help in controlling the amount of glucose released from the liver. This keeps your sugar level in check and gives you another reason to keep a bottle handy. There really is no end to the health benefits of whiskey!

Healthy Cholesterol

When we are talking about the health benefits of whisky, we simply cannot forget that this delightful elixir helps increase the healthy cholesterol in our bodies. Definitely one of the most important advantages of whisky in our books!

Heart Health

Now, with your body pumping all that good cholesterol around, guess who’s the healthiest of them all? Your heart! Besides, the antioxidants present in whiskey prevents coronary heart diseases. This makes it another one of the most important health benefits of whisky.

Reduces the Risk of Cancer

One of the prime benefits of whisky is that it inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in our body. The ellagic acid present in whisky is known to combat free radical cells and even prevents them from re-growing, making it one the most powerful whisky advantages you’ll ever come across.

Prevents Dementia

While you may come across many benefits of whisky, there are a few that stand out as much as this one. Unlike other liquors, whisky is known to reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s and any other memory related problems. You sure didn’t know this one, did you?

Increases Life Span

Want to live longer? Take a shot. We are sure you would have never heard that sentence before, but longevity is another one of the advantages of drinking whisky. Wondering how? Well, the answer is antioxidants.

Boosts Immunity

And last but not the least, another popular advantage of whisky is that it boosts your immune system. Now, wait, that doesn’t mean you go ahead and replace your morning coffee for a shot of whiskey, but maybe, you can include it in a weekend brunch. So go ahead and proudly add this to your list of advantages of drinking whisky.

We have all heard that alcohol is a bad influence and a terrible companion, but these advantages of whisky clearly prove that it’s not alcohol, but your decisions that make all the difference. If you drink responsibly, you can enjoy these amazing whisky advantages, and give your health a boost.

Also, remember that while these benefits of drinking whisky sound brilliant, it is very important to not overdose or binge drink any type of alcohol. This is why consume a small or moderate amount and make sure to never give in to addiction to lead a happy and healthy life.