Balvenie 12yr Malt Scotch
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Balvenie 12yr Malt Scotch


"The Balvenie Single Barrel First Fill has been aged in a first fill, ex-bourbon cask for at least 12 years. Almost all Scotch Whisky is matured in casks previously used by Bourbon distillers. When brought to Scotland and used for the very first time they are known as ‘First Fill’.

Our Malt Master samples the aged whisky, cask by cask and selects only those characterised by sweetness and subtle vanilla oak to be bottled as The Balvenie Single Barrel First Fill.

A series of “limited editions” - Each bottle is one of no more than 300 drawn from a single cask and each is hand-numbered and carries the number of the cask in which it matured."


16th December 2016

Balvenie 12yr Malt Scotch Tasting Notes


Bounty of sweet oak and spice.


Rich and complex with deep vanilla oakiness. Honey notes will be overlaid with sweet fruits and subtle spices.


Lingering sweetness.


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