Baileys Original Irish Cream
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Baileys Original Irish Cream


Ireland offers two most sought after drinks of the world: Irish whiskey and Baileys. Perhaps the first of its kind on the market, Baileys is an amalgamation of flavours of aged Irish whiskey, Irish cream along with a hint of vanilla and cocoa.

Baileys Irish Cream History

It took four years for the original creators to achieve a blend of rich Irish cream and triple distilled whiskey. But today, it’s claimed that each minute, over 2000 savants across the world savour this drink. And Baileys Irish Cream is also claimed to be the only cream liqueur to have won accolades at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, since 2003. Baileys Irish Cream is produced by Diageo in Dublin and Mallusk in Ireland.

Baileys was the brainchild of David Dand who is recognized as the “Godfather of Baileys”. In 1974, David noticed that the Irish were looking for a unique drink beyond the intense whiskey. So his team comprising of David Gluckman, Tom Jago, MacMcPherson and Steve Wilson, worked to invent a new luxuriant liqueur. The result was an ingenious recipe that blended Ireland’s premium whiskey and dairy cream.

Baileys Irish Cream Making Process

This recipe was originally attempted with a regular kitchen mixer. It was a difficult task to bottle the two peculiar ingredients: Irish cream and whiskey. But trial and error by David and his experts finally led to a concoction that is revered across the world. Forty years since then, Baileys has been sold in over 150 countries. The company has retained its tradition of producing each bottle of Baileys in Ireland.

Ireland takes pride in offering its two best products blended in one bottle: Irish whiskey and Irish cream. The finest ingredients are pre-requisites for producing the top-notch Baileys Irish Cream.

The Irish cream is provided by local family farms where 38,000 dairy cows give 220 million litres of fresh cream annually only for Baileys production. Fondly named as Baileys Ladies, these cows graze in verdant Irish fields for 300 days and offer high-quality Irish cream. Along with the fresh Irish cream, the triple distilled whiskies from the prominent establishments of Ireland are used for the production of Baileys Irish Cream.

The Irish cream and whiskey are homogenised along with an emulsifier to avoid alcohol and cream to be separated during storage. The flavour is further enhanced with rich cocoa beans and vanilla pods. No preservatives are needed as the cream is preserved by the alcohol content. And the luscious taste is guaranteed to be retained up to two years from manufacturing.

The smooth and delicate taste of Baileys Irish Cream Whiskey can be savored on its own. Baileys is a great complement to coffee and if one feels more indulgent, Baileys can be enjoyed with vanilla ice cream as well.

Baileys exquisite collection includes Baileys Original Irish Cream, Baileys Chocolate Luxe, Baileys Orange Truffle and Baileys with hint of coffee flavor.

The aged whiskeys from the iconic Old Bushmills Distillery and other popular distilleries are sourced for producing Baileys Original Irish Cream. The intensity of whiskey and the lush flavors of Irish cream, cocoa and vanilla seamlessly blend to create Baileys Original.

Baileys Collection

Baileys Chocolate Luxe is an ultimate delight for chocolate lovers. The rich Belgian chocolate, Irish whiskey and Irish cream are used to produce this delicious variety of Baileys whiskey.

Baileys Orange Truffle is a blend of Irish whiskey, Irish cream and the tangy orange truffle. The one-of-a-kind flavor is a perfect way to end a dinner or can be mixed in a potent cocktail.

Baileys Coffee takes coffee to another level by blending top-quality coffee beans, Irish cream and whiskey. This baileys Irish cream whiskey is a great ingredient for desserts and cocktails.


Baileys Original Irish Cream Tasting Notes


The whiskey in Baileys complements the richness of the fresh dairy cream, cocoa and heavenly vanilla that results in a luxurious, velvety smooth taste sensation


Baileys has a complex chocolate and Irish whiskey aromas with hints of exotic vanilla.


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