Bagpiper Regular Whisky
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Bagpiper Regular Whisky


Bagpiper Whisky, which retails over 9 million cases a year, is an iconic brand by United Spirits Ltd. It is defined by a light malty aroma and smooth woody character and has been a popular choice among the masses since 1976. The Bagpiper Sardar has universal recall and is strong mascot for the brand. Bagpiper has over the past three decades established itself as one of the pioneers in creating communication that synergizes popular culture with Indian cinema. Bagpiper has become synonymous to heroism over the year the brand’s Bollywood associations have stood for victory of Good over Evil through purity of resolve.


Bagpiper’s legendary tagline “Khoob Jamega Rang...” enjoys a very high recall and has become an integral part of popular culture. Know more about the various Whisky Brands in India.

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