Bagpiper Gold Whisky

Bagpiper Gold Whisky


One of the oldest domestic whisky brands in India, Bagpiper Whisky is also quite an enduring whisky, being in the business since 1976 with voluminous sale proportions to this day.

Bagpiper Whisky has a highly affordable pricing and also has easy availability across the country. It is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd., a subsidiary of Diageo India.

Renowned for their TV advertisements before the turn of the millennium after which advertisements for liquor brands were disallowed by the Indian government. These ads featured popular Indian actors from every generation of Indian cinema such as Dharmendra, Ashok Kumar, Jackie Shroff, Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn, and a lot of the brand’s success and popularity can be attributed to their marketing and affordable pricing, a key contributing aspect to the wide sales figures achieved by the brand.

These factors contributed to Bagpiper gold whisky being the largest selling Indian whisky in the market from 2005 to 2010, until it was overtaken by another domestic brand from the same economical segment, Officer’s Choice from Allied Blenders and Distillers.

Packaged in a square bottle with a slim neck, the Bagpiper gold whisky bottle carries the image of a Sikh soldier with a Bagpiper on a black label with golden borders. It is a distinct packaging that is well recognized by Indian whisky drinkers.

Bagpiper Gold Alcohol Content

The alcohol content in Bagpiper whisky is 42.8%, the permissible limit in India.

Bagpiper is also exported to ten countries, and had annual sales of 14 million cases in 2012.

Bagpiper Gold Whisky Tasting Notes

A light malty aroma with hints of wood and earthiness borrowed from the malt spirits used in the blend that were matured in American ex-Bourbon barrels.

Bagpiper Gold Whisky Price.

The price of Bagpiper Gold Whisky varies from state to state across the country. Bagpiper Gold Whisky price in Mumbai will be different than the Bagpiper Gold Whisky price in Delhi or Price in Bangalore

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