Arran Amarone Cask Finish Whiskey

Arran Amarone Cask Finish Whiskey


Bottled at 50% ABV, the Arran Amarone Cask Finish is a cask strength whiskey. Prior to finishing the whiskey in ex-Amarone wines casks, the single malt is aged for 8 years in traditional oak barrels.

  • History

    Established in 1995, the Isle of Arran Distillery is a relatively new player in the market. Since the release of their first whiskey, the brand has inspired many Scottish distillers to relegate the use of peat smoke in their production process. The distillers are also noted for their experiments with a series of cask finishes, using ex-bourbon, ex-Amarone wine casks. In 2015, the distillers released their first 18-year-old whiskey.


Arran Amarone Cask Finish Whiskey Tasting Notes


Fragrant, with a notable wine-like influence and notes of cinnamon, pepper, plums, raspberries, and Oddfellows.


Hints of cherry, dark chocolate, Turkish delight, and bourbon.


Medium, with stewed fruits, oak, spices, especially cloves.


A medium and smooth body offer an easy drinking experience.


Deep copper.


Sweet and rounded, with rose water and blackberries.


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