Appreciating a Dram with the the Right Tasting Notes

Whisky, by the virtue of its exalting finesse and grandeur, demands appreciation. It is invariably meant for sipping and savouring. The following are few crucial pointers that will help you transform your overall whisky journey.

Admire its eccentricity

The meticulous aging process has its own set of effects on whisky. And, one distinct aspect that will help you rightly apprehend the age of a dram, is its colour. Hold up the glass to the light and the minute variations of the golden brown hue will reveal the inimitability of a particular expression. Remember, the darker the colour, the more intense will be the flavours.

Adore its aroma

Smell your whisky neat. Gently hover your nose over a dram to savour the all those distinct whiffs of fruit, smoke or caramel. It evident that a dram will give the first hints of its character to your olfactory system. And thus, while tasting you’ll simply confirm what your nose already told you.

Sip and Savour

The distinct flavours of a dram constitute the most enjoyable and rewarding part of the entire process. Do not hasten, rather slowly savour it and let it touch all those sweet spots of your mouth. Different parts of your mouth and tongue will respond to each of the flavours in a different way. So, enjoy as the whisky lingers around your taste buds revealing its true characteristics every time.

Enjoy its lasting aftertaste

The marriage of the flavours with the palate leaves behind a fascinating aftertaste, which is essentially the finish of the whisky. The subtle alcoholic burn triggers several hidden flavours to reveal themselves, some of which are extremely subtle and often difficult to perceive. The aftertaste can essentially remain for a short or long time – depending on the depth of flavours.