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Antiquity Blue Whisky


Antiquity Blue is the true blue of whiskies. Made of the finest Indian malts and rare Scotch carefully blended with premium grain spirit, it is painstakingly distilled in copper pot stills, matured and mellowed in imported white oak casks and fused with premium Scotch. The pronounced malt and rich wood aroma, with a whiff of peat and heather supplements the fantasy while its subtle nuances come from the choicest components of the blend, giving it a full smooth flavour and a bouquet that proclaims its royal pedigree. Truly India's finest. Know more about the various Whisky Brands in India.

Antiquity Blue Whisky

History of Antiquity Blue

In 1826, Robert Stein from Scotland pioneered the art of grain whiskey at Cameron bridge Distillery. Today, Antiquity Blue is blended with the finest grain-based Scotch whisky in the same distillery in copper pot stills that Stein invented, using identical process of grain distillation.

Antiquity whisky was originally established by Shaw Wallace and Company LTD (SWC) in 1992, and later was acquired by United Spirits Ltd (USL), a subsidiary of the United Breweries Group (UB Group) in July 2005. Later in April 2008, Shaw Wallace and USL merged, making Antiquity Blue an official USL brand. In the United States, Antiquity Whisky was introduced by American United Beer and Spirits (UBS) at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) Conference, which was held in Las Vegas from April 2-April 5, 2012. Antiquity Blue was also launched in China as the Antiquity Blue Rare Premium on May 11 2007, at the time being the most expensive Indian-made whisky.

Antiquity Blue Whisky Sales

In the end of June 1998, Antiquity Rare Premium Whisky saw a 50% growth in sales over a period of 2 years. Antiquity Blue Whisky held 44% shares in the Indian Market premium whisky segment. Along with Seagram’s 100 Pipers, Antiquity was the highest selling whisky brand in the super-premium Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) Category in 2002-2003. Shaw Wallace ended 2004 with a 40% growth in sales over the year in Antiquity Rare Premium Whisky.

Antiquity Blue Brand Ambassador

In 2012, Indian model and television personality Nina Manuel was signed as the brand ambassador of Antiquity Whisky by American United Beer and Spirits, to represent Antiquity Blue Whisky in the United States.

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Antiquity Blue Whisky Tasting Notes


Savor the mellow taste of Antiquity Blue by rolling the whisky around your tongue to experience the smooth velvety feel. Its uncompromising richness is present through the complex texture of oak wood which imposes itself on the totality of the taste.


Velvety smooth, long, carved out in detail, a blend worth indulging in.


The pronounced malt & rich wood aroma, with a whiff of peat and heather supplements the fantasy


It has a inviting antique gold color which makes it very discerning.


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