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Often termed as a gentleman’s drink, there’s more to whisky than its smoothness, rich flavours and fine taste. From Scotland’s famous Scotch Whisky to America’s Bourbon Whiskey, each country has its own set of regulations for producing their whiskies. For an avid whisky lover, it won’t be difficult to differentiate between a whiskey and whisky and how they are different from each other. Let us have a look at different types of whisky or whiskey from across the world and what makes them distinct from each other.

Type of Whisky

Originally invented in Mainland Europe, whisky or whiskey today is produced in many countries. From Single Malt and Blended Scotch to Bourbon and Rye, there are a plethora of whisky/whiskey options available in the market. But what truly defines the character of a good whisky/whiskey is the ingredient it is made of. Let us delve deeper into it and have a look at different types of whisky or whiskey available in the market.

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From debunking the most common myths about whisky to popular whisky cocktails, we bring to you the best of whisky experiences specially curated for you.

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